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How to install WhatsApp on pc

Easy steps for WhatsApp install on PC. 

WhatsApp is one of the fastest app for receiving and sending the text, Audio and Videos without any cost. Its one of largest active user app and in 300 million users 20 millions from india.
WhatsApp can be used on Android, ios, windows Phone, BlackBerry and asha platform, and including any smartphone, but do u like to use it in PC? Yes now you can install it on PC!

How to install WhatsApp on PC? WhatsApp on PC? it is very simple. you have to follow simple below steps for WhatsApp download and install on Laptop and PC.

requirement for PC or Laptop for use WhatsApp :
1.  With window OS
2.  Internet connection and working
Instructions for installing WhatsApp on PC:
There are Two methods for Installing WhatsApp on Pc, follow which one is easiest for you.

1.  Use BlueStacks for download and install WhatsApp on PC.
2.  Use Wassapp for downloas and install WhatsApp on PC.

Method First : By using BlueStacks download and install WhatsApp on PC
1.       BlueStacks Download ( free Windows Application )

2.       Double Click on Downloaded file after finishing the Download click continue, click Install.
3.          Now you have to Download WhatsApp APK file

4.       When downloading finished then Double click onDownloaded WhatsApp APK file.
5.         Now installing WhatsApp in your PC.
6.      Now you have to Open BlueStacks ( and clion on the icon of BlueStacks which is in your Desktop )
7.      In BlusStacks >> click on My Apps
8.          Now see WhatsApp and >> click on it.  
9.          Now accept terms and condition
10.        In the field type your mobile no. ( Type country code first, for example in India 91 then enter your mobile no. )
11.     Whatsapp will try to confirm your no., but it will show failed message.
12.     Now you have to click on  < Call Me >  then you'll get an automatic call and you get confirmation no.
13.     Type the no. that you received from call and its done!
 Now you can use WhatsApp on your PC!
How can we add contacts in WhatsApp ?
In your PC WhatsApp YOu have to add it manually. you have to follow below steps for add contacts in WhatsApp by using BlueStacks.

1.     Now Open WhatsApp in Bluestacks
2.     Now click menu at bottom
3.    Click on Contacts
4.     Now click on Menu
5.     Now click on Add Contact
6.     Now add the Contact name and number
7.     Now Click the Save Button.
Same steps to add more contacts

For Users: If you unable for first method you can use the alternative by using Youwave for install WhatsApp on PC. how it work >> Install WhatsApp by using youwave for PC

Method second: Follow below steps for whatsApp on PC by Using Wassapp
It works on the Android Emulator on Windows OS running Pc and wassapp is an unofficial whatsapp. In wassapp method, we have to use wassapp to install WhatsApp on PC.

you have to follow below steps for download and install whatsapp on Pc by using Wassapp
1.     First Download the Wassapp and install
2.     when its install, open it and login by using username and password of WhatsApp. If you don't have create an account and register.
3.     Now enter on register button
4.     Now put the your phone no. and password
Note:  For an Android Phone the password will be same as its IMEI typing *#06# you can see the IMEI.

5.     You have to choose the mode of verification by message or get a call. now enter your request.
6.     NOw Enter the code that you received by call or message, now you get a computer-generated password and you have to use that password for ligin.

Now you can use the whatsApp on your PC and you can received and send the messages from your friends for wtihout cost. if you have some problem you can ask us by comment below and don't forget to share this with your friends!

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